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        收藏本站 網站導航 開放平臺 Wednesday, September 13, 2023 星期三
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        解密:AAVE幣 (Aave)是傳銷幣嗎?

        來源 中金網 03-18 15:24
        摘要: No,AAVE(Aave)isnotaPonziCoin.Aaveisaprotocolforpeer-to-peermoneymarketsto...

          No, AAVE (Aave) is not a Ponzi Coin. Aave is a protocol for peer-to-peer money markets to make borrowing and lending of digital assets in a decentralized, efficient, and secure manner.

          Aave protocol is open source and governed by its community of users and has already become one of the top projects in DeFi, the new decentralized finance offering. Aave enables users to earn interest exposure for their tokens, and employed as a platform for borrowers and lenders to pool liquidity, allowing borrowing and lending of crypto-assets in a secured and governed system.

          AAVE was also created to provide access to users to finance their operations using DeFi, with affordable rates, transparent fees and no need for bank credit lines. It is a protocol where lenders can lend tokens to borrowers, redistributing the risk by diversifying their lending portfolios. Lenders can also earn interest on their loans, while borrowers can get low-cost capital and transparent fees.

          Aave is similar to a Ponzi scheme in that it works as a financial pyramid where the people who invested first get paid first and it is not possible to withdraw from the scheme. But this scheme is decentralized and not centralized, it is transparent and not corrupt and it does not guarantee returns.

          Aave is a truly innovative project with a well-defined roadmap, active development, and a strong team and community around it. Its mission is to provide a transparent, secure and efficient DeFi platform for users all over the world, allowing them to borrow, lend and add liquidity in a frictionless and regulated way.